St. Patrick's Day




Shamrock Jack's

St. Patrick's Day 2017 Celebration


 Musical Guests for Friday, March 17

(As our regulars know, there really are no "specific times" these acts will be performing.)

Friday, March 17 - Open at 8am


Paul Killion - 10am



Jumbo (Just Jumbo, No Shrimp) - 2pm



Sisters of Murphy - 4pm



Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire - 6:30pm


Plus all day special appearances by Irish Dancers, Bagpipers, Leprechauns, and More! Enjoy both days in our heated tent and pub. Great food, live music, beer and food specials all week long.


St. Patricks Day

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To the Irish Everywhere:

St. Patrick’s day is a time of national celebration - like a second Christmas - a time for remembering the Patron Saint of Ireland and enjoying themselves to the full. For others, St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to share in an Irish Party; a chance to experience Ireland’s drinks, music and customs.